Connected by the human dignity in Latin America

Articulate Foundation

ARTICULATE FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization with the mission of connecting people and organizations world-wide, focused on actors in and for Latin America, promoting actions for the defense of human rights, democracy and sustainable development.

Its members are human rights advocates, community leaders and representatives of social organizations, with a diverse participation considering their dimensions (organizations, civil movements, classes), situation (areas and influence), gender composition, experiences and believes.


More than 300 Latin American Civil Society organizations have received financial support from the international cooperation for development; through our experience, strengths and capabilities to identify, design and manage international projects.
Más de 400 organizaciones de la sociedad civil latinoamericana han sido formadas en herramientas para la defensa de los derechos humanos, dentro de los que se incluye la identificación de violaciones, la documentación de los casos, así como el ejercicio formal de la denuncia y finalmente la divulgación.
We have been partners and representatives of consortiums conformed by Latin America Civil Society organizations in more than 50 projects, offering safe environments, with the capability to keep transparent and auditable management processes.
We have built the platform for the assistance, companionship and monitoring of Latin America Civil Society organizations in 10 countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Portugal, USA, and Venezuela.


Connections and Collaboration at Work

We promote mutual help. Encourage team work among organizations, civil society and international agencies. We believe that improving communication and contact channels between international and local actors will strengthen their actions on human rights defense matters. For international organizations, the easy access to the information over the actions performed by local agents will be an advantage, but at the same time, civil society organizations will be strengthened from the exposure of their actions, attracting funds to their projects and having the support of more community stakeholders. We support collaboration processes and networking where connections generate a broad social impact.

We think that an empowered civil society is much more efficient in the fulfillment of their mission, this is the reason we promote an ongoing training in different tools, both for right’s enforcement and organization’s management.

Empowerment of Civil Society

Latin America and Developing Countries Approach

Latin American and developing countries face special difficulties to be included in the international agendas for discussion, and to participate in regional and international level conversations addressing the main problems they are dealing with at local level. Furthermore, there are huge challenges to get connected with international agencies and funds for the promotion of human rights, democracy, and sustainable development. Therefore, our commitment is for civil society organizations in Latin America and developing countries to increase their impact by building bridges between local agents and the international agencies, while promoting the development of their technical, managerial and financial skills.


Strengthening Civil Society Organizations

ARTICULATE is prepared to provide technical support to civil society organizations over tools required for rights’ enforceability, but also on structural-functional, administrative and financial management.

Access to International Cooperation for Development

ARTICULATE aims to improve civil society local organizations capabilities to gain access to international cooperation and development funds.

Our purpose is supporting human rights local actions financing, especially for those organizations facing more challenges to gain access to funds, driving this way the fulfillment of their missions.

Network Actions and Results Exposure

ARTICULATE promotes network actions for participant organizations and strengthens the exposure of these organizations’ results at international level. With these efforts we expect that local actions in human rights matters become more solid and broaden their scope, but also to be able to attract more community stockholders and to increase their success possibilities, while reaching and being able to inform the work performed by each participant organization to a bigger audience.